Aussie Soles Classic 3.3 STARFISH
Aussie Soles Classic 3.3 STARFISH
Aussie Soles Classic 3.3 STARFISH
Aussie Soles Classic 3.3 STARFISH

Aussie Soles Classic 3.3 STARFISH

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Our world famous Starfish thongs and sandals come with some cool new features for extra comfort and support. 

    • Anatomically correct arch support
    • Anatomically correct heel cup
    • Metatarsal support tarsal bar
    • Vegan friendly single injection construction, so 'NO' plugs to break
    • Wide based starfish tread to leave your mark on every beach
    • Super soft AusLite™ foam relieves pain from Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs

These extremely comfortable support Thongs, Flip Flops, Jandals, and Sandals are made from our unique AusLite™ anti bacterial polymer foam, offering true arch support for the perfect fit.

Features and benefits include:

    • Anatomically correct arch support fits most people everyday offering great  support and a better overall posture
    • Heel Cup cradles the heel, providing a supported and straight strike of the heel to the ground as you walk 
    • Metatarsal support under your toes assists in eliminating toe clenching, which in turn allows you to relax your feet, relieve pain and walk naturally
    • Super soft toe divider and snug fitting strap that hugs the support to your sole 

Our full range of Aussie Soles Starfish thongs and support sandals comes with:

    • A one year guarantee 
    • Recommendation by Australian and UK Podiatrists 
    • Super soft AusLite™ foam
    • One to three year life span, sometimes more
    • Fashionable thongs with support 
    • Vegan friendly 
    • Arch Support
    • Pain relief 
    • Plantar Fasciitis relief
    • Heel Spurs relief 
    • A new best mate to take you on adventures
    • After sport recovery thongs 


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