Cami Sunglasses
Cami Sunglasses
Cami Sunglasses
Cami Sunglasses

Cami Sunglasses

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The Cami  sunglasses have a medium thick frame with a squarish shape that reminds us of old school Italian 1970's style. With  polarised lenses, the Cami could transform your style from drab to chic.

Front frame width 14.0cm x frame height 5.7cm

Care and Cleaning :

Try not to wear sunglasses on top of your head as this can stretch the hinges.

Avoid leaving your sunglasses in the car especially on hot days, to prevent warping.

Whenever setting your sunglasses down, place them frame down lens side up to avoid scratching.

When frames are not being worn, place them in protective case.

To clean and protect your frames, use cloth provided.

Material : Acetate lens with nickel free metal frames



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